Toadvine is a true representation of the pride and respect the great city of Miamisburg has for its baseball program.

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Toadvine is a true representation of the pride and respect the great city of Miamisburg has for its baseball program. It shows that a committed group of coaches, players, parents and involved community members can accomplish great things. Over the years, the improvements to the facility prove the devotion the Miamisburg community has to baseball.   


The Toadvine complex continues to grow. The addition of the freshman field provides another field for our young men to practice and play games. The near future holds a grass playing surface to be installed to the freshman field to better prepare our athletes. The addition of the outdoor batting cages and indoor hitting facility, better known as the Hack Shack, provides our athletes and community with some of the top facilities in the state to work on their skills year round. The pressbox provides a concession stand, office for the coaching staff, and a sound system to entertain spectators. 


We are not finished building the Toadvine Complex. Our goal is to provide a unique player experience for anyone who plays and trains here. As the expectation for those who wear a Miamisburg Baseball uniform grows, so does our expectation of improving Toadvine Field. The coaches and players are proud to represent the baseball community of Miamisburg and understand that with tradition comes great responsibility. Baseball at Miamisburg ranks 7 all-time in the state with 1,067 wins, has recorded 18 league championships, 8 sectional championships, 12 district championships, and two Final Four appearances. 


Features of Toadvine Field

  • Dimensions: 320 up the lines, 380 in the power alleys

  • Dugouts are equipped with pro style benches and have bat and helmet racks

  • Bullpens

    • Home side has two mounds and the visitor has one mound

    • Catcher's areas have artificial turf

  • The Hack Shack

    • Indoor hitting facility and locker room. Equipped with two 65' tunnels, two bullpen mounds, and a Hack Attack pitching machine

  • Outdoor Hitting Tunnel

    • 15' x 70' tunnel with artificial turf

  • Pressbox & Concession Stand

    • Pressbox offers views for scouts and special guests and is home to the Toadvine scoreboard, announcer, and sound  system operators

    • Concession stand provides space for the sale of drinks, snacks and grilled food

  • Miamisburg Reserve Field

    • A second diamond at Toadvine that features a dirt infield. Plans for future call for a grass playing surface and improved bullpens

Bill  Toadvine


Bill Toadvine Memorial Field was constructed after the 1985 season and honors legendary Miamisburg baseball coach Bill Toadvine. Prior to Toadvine Field, Miamisburg’s varsity, junior varsity, and freshmen baseball teams would travel to Rice Field for practices and games. Coaches had to take night classes to qualify for an Ohio Schools Bus Drivers License to transport players to the field. 


Coach Toadvine had a vision to bring a baseball field to Miamisburg High School. At the time, there was no funding available for construction of a new baseball field, so players participated in summer fundraising to purchase materials needed for construction, such as drain tiles, fencing, dugout blocks, etc., and many volunteered their time and hard work.


The project pulled the entire community together. Coaches, players, parents, community members, and businesses worked and supplied the equipment and muscle during the process. The city of Miamisburg loaned Coach Mote equipment to dig fence posts and concrete forms. Bulldozer and backhoe operator Nelson Dunaway donated his time and machinery to clear the area, cut in the infield, and dug trenches for drainage. Coach Toadvine, his brother Dale, Coach Mote and many other supporters volunteered and worked long, hard nights after their day jobs to build Toadvine Field. 

Toadvine Field Ground Rules

Dugout Area

  • There is a line from the fence to the short fence in front of the dugouts marking the area inside the dugout out of play.

  • A player is not permitted to step into a dugout to make a catch.

  • A player is permitted to reach into a dugout to make a catch. If a player makes a catch outside the dugout and the player's momentum carries him into the dugout, then the catch is allowed and the ball remains alive as long as the player does not fall while in the dugout.

  • A ball striking facing over dugout that rebounds in play: Out of Play.

  • A ball striking the roof of the dugout or the hitting facility behind dugout: Out of Play.

  • A ball that hits the garage door or blocks down 3B line and the storage door or blocks down 1B line: In Play.

Gates and Fencing

  • A ball that rolls under the access gates by each dugout, center field, and the double gate along 1B: Out of Play.


  • A ball that rolls under the fence along the 3B dugout by the home bullpens: Out of Play.

Outfield Area

  • Batted ball in flight striking vertical yellow foul pole: Home Run.


  • Batted ball in flight striking the scoreboard in left field: Home Run.


  • Batted fair ball striking yellow tile on top of fence and rebounding onto playing field: Live Ball.

Behind the Plate

  • Ball becoming lodged under blue pad: Out of Play.


The Hack Shack was built in 2013 and serves as a great facility for the Miamisburg baseball program. The facility features 2 batting tunnels, storage for equipment and uniforms, and lockers for players.

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